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Jon Di Bella: The Unstoppable Kickboxing Force - Exclusive Interview

by Warrior Genics 05 Oct 2023 0 Comments

Fight enthusiasts! Just in time for ONE Championship Fight Night 15 we bring you an excusive sit-down with current Strawweight Kickboxing World Champion, Jon Di Bella. 

From a very young age, Jon Di Bella stepped into the world of martial arts, hungry and determined. Under the tutelage of his father, Angelo - a multiple-time kickboxing champion in his own right - Jon was exposed to a variety of fighting styles from Karate to Boxing, to Kickboxing. This is a guy who's been through the grind and emerged on the other side with gold around his waist. In fact his pro record is a perfect 11-0 in Kickboxing and 2-0 in Boxing. 

Mark your calendars, set those reminders, and keep your fists clenched for Friday, October 6, 2023. Jon Di Bella is gearing up for an epic showdown with the dynamic Aussie force that is Danial "Mini T" Williams at Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok, and you better believe it's going to be fireworks. 🧨

So, what can you expect? 

We could spill the beans here, but where's the fun in that? The real action unfolds when you hit up our Instagram page and check out the interview for yourself. 

After you've tuned in, join the chatter on social media. Smash the like button, drop a comment and share the interview with your fellow fight fans!

Let's turn up the volume on this epic battle #onefightnight15 🥊🔥

📺 Canada/USA fans can catch the action FREE on Amazon Prime Video. The live stream starts at 8PM ET/5PM PT.
Visit ONE Championship's official site for more details.


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