Hi. We're Warriorgenics.

A lifestyle brand inspired by the strength, power and magnanimity of the warrior way.


Warriorgenics was launched from our kitchen table during the pandemic in 2020.

Just a newly-wed couple with a shared passion for martial arts and working for the man.
Little did we know, things were about to change in a big way...

Up until we were faced with the many challenges the pandemic brought with it, we took the positive outcomes of our martial arts training for granted.

As the pandemic intensified, these positive effects became very apparent and helped our mindset tremendously as we faced the grueling effects of one lockdown after another. And that's when the idea for Warriorgenics hit us...

We wanted to start something up to spread good in the community and help people feel inspired and powerful in the wake of these uncertain times (and beyond!)

And here's the thing - based on our own experiences with martial arts, we knew it was possible; thus, Warriorgenics was born.

It started as a part-time hustle and now, we're living and breathing it.

Our official mission: To do good and inspire good by drawing on the positive aspects of the warrior / martial arts lifestyle.


This isn't just a "get-rich-quick" business for us. It's a passion. We work hard and have invested thousands of dollars of our own money to be able to make this project a reality.
We do this day-in and day-out in order to connect with and support likeminded people. So, whether it's a blog, a video, a diet plan, training program or one of our stand-alone hoodies - we hope it helps transform your life for the better!

We hope you'll join us on our mission and look forward to connecting each and every one of you.


Get in touch wherever you're active!

Are you a social type? Connect with us on Instagram (@warrior.genics).

More of an internet surfer? Check out our blog to access our latest resources on how to cultivate a warrior lifestyle to its fullest. Our blog is updated weekly with a ton of expert contributions and exclusives you don't want to miss! And for the traditionalists in the room, you can always reach out to us via email with any questions, feedback and even design requests at hello@warriorgenics.com.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Stay relentless,
Rob and Reema Hannaford
Co-founders, Warriorgenics

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