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We look forward to clothing you in gutsy threads you'll enjoy for years to come.

So, who are we?

Based in Toronto, Warriorgenics is a fast-growing start-up powered by authenticity, grit and a whole lot of passion!
Founded by two budding entrepreneurs - t
he idea for Warriorgenics came to us upon realizing:

  • Like us, a lot of you are sick of the same old mass-produced styles and ideas of what  'warrior' fashion "should look like." 💀
  • Despite the fact that the textile industry contributes gravely to the destruction of our environment, a lot of clothing brands out there are still not eco-friendly.
  • We were tired of spending so much money on clothes, only to receive sub-par quality that doesn't stand up. 🗑️

So, we got to work...

After many (many) drafts...a ton of trial & error, a few tears and countless all-nighters...we finally saw our vision coming to life.
And so, Warriorgenics was born. 🎉

We take pride in our exclusive designs. We even hand-draw a lot of them so you get truly unique pieces that set you apart in the best (and most bad-ass) way!

To tackle the issue of quality a lot of us experience when shopping online, we made it part of our core mission to ONLY source the highest standard of materials and tech used to produce our clothing.

  • No more boring, generic designs that fade poorly.
  • No more cracking prints you can't wear for more than a month.
  • No more tops that lose their shape and integrity.
  • No more ill-fitting cuts that make you regret your purchase.

You get superior and sustainable quality, 100% of the time.
Shop with peace of mind knowing we personally stand by our promise of quality and value.👊

We believe so strongly in our apparel that everything in our shop is backed with a 100% money-back guarantee. 
If you're not happy with the quality of the clothing you get from us, we will refund your money in full.

So, grab a cup of joe and take a leisurely browse - you might just find your new favourite piece!

Feel free to get in touch anytime with your questions, feedback or just to say hi! 👋 We get pumped any time we hear from you. 📧


P.S. As an added bonus (because we are absolutely AMPED for you to try our gear) we have implemented FREE SHIPPING on all orders worldwide.

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