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Behind the Scenes: ONE Championship Fight Week

by Reema Hannaford 03 Oct 2022 0 Comments

Flashing lights. Epic walk in tunes. Mind blowing fight skills. Warrior spirit.
If you watch ONE Championship, you know those are just a few of the incredible things to look forward to on Fight Night!

But, what goes on behind the scenes during Fight Week? We got the lowdown from ONE's host & former pro fighter, Mitch "the Dragon" Chilson. Watch to see just some of the prep that goes into these legendary shows! 👇💥

 What's your favourite part of Fight Week? Let us know in the comments!
And as always, stay tuned for more exclusive interviews with the best of the best in the martial arts game...

Catch all the action on Prime Video (CAN/USA) - check here for the latest events!

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