Warrior x ♛ (Heart Pendant Necklace) - Rose Gold
Refined bad-assery.Adorn your neck with this delicate Warrior Queen necklace that will remind you of your inner strength, heart and determination. With "Warrior" and an elegant crown symbol engraved, you will feel absolutely regal and fierce every time you wear it. ...
  • Rose Gold
  • Gold
  • Silver
Glove Up - Pendant Necklace
Keep the fight alive in bold, yet refined style. Cool, distinctive and confident this bad ass necklace will amplify your street style every time you wear it.  Choose from gold, silver or splurge on both (while supplies last!) Bank on...
Warrior Wisdom - Vintage Necklace
Picture yourself elevating any casual outfit with just one simple touch.This vintage, stainless-steel link chain necklace will effortlessly tie together any look you choose to rock while nodding to the great strength and wisdom of warriors past & present!
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