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The Martial Arts Inspired T-shirt Celebs Are Loving!

by Reema Hannaford 23 Feb 2023 0 Comments

It's no secret - wearing the right t-shirt design can be incredibly powerful. It can make you feel strong, motivated, and like you are part of something greater.
Celebs are no strangers to using tees to express personality, show commitment to a cause, or just make a statement.

This month at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, Warriorgenics gave attendees a taste of martial arts / warrior style as part of the Red Carpet Style Lounge!

While our previous best-sellers were well-received, you might be surprised at which one they unanimously gravitated towards...

If you guessed THIS ONE, you nailed it. It was the undisputed fave among the Grammy's crowd, the #1 ordered item after the event; and is now the top item in our shop! This design is available in dark heather grey, red and heather grey with red being the most popular.


Of course, if you haven't heard of us yet you're probably wondering what makes our tshirts & apparel so beloved among martial artists, celebs and regular joes alike? 

The truth is, there's no shortage of cheap t-shirts you can buy online in any variety you can imagine but, we're different.
We strive to deliver unique and empowering designs that are:

  • Made well (with luxuriously soft organic cotton) so, you can finally say goodbye to those unflattering scratchy, boxy tees that make you feel like you're working out in a sauna suit...
  • Made kindly (100% eco-friendly, sustainably made and printed with non-toxic ink) so you can enjoy vibrant, longer lasting prints that don't harm you or the environment...
  • Go-to style that transitions from street to gym and back effortlessly. Getting dressed to conquer just got quicker and easier.  

You can browse through our current catalogue here to get a taste for what we offer. 

And if you dig this tee like the cool kids in LA do - be sure to grab one for you and your gang before they sell out!🔥

Which style is YOUR current fave from our shop? Let us know! 

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