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Lifestyle Optimization Pt 2 - Making Good Food Choices

by Reema Hannaford 14 Jan 2022 0 Comments

Welcome to part two of our Lifestyle Optimization series. In part one, we discussed the ways the modern-day lifestyle is robbing us of optimal levels of movement.

If you haven’t read part one yet, head here to read it for practical ways you can shift your own movement levels up a gear.

So now that we’ve got movement covered, let’s look at the other big area of opportunity: our eating habits.

When combined, optimized levels of physical activity and intentional food choices can build habits that lead to significant changes in body composition.
In this second part of the article series, we’ll discuss how to make better food choices.

Ready to dig in? Keep reading.

Modern Food Habits

If you take an objective look at our modern-day eating habits, you’ll quickly see a pattern: a lot of people still tend to gravitate towards highly-processed, “junk food.”

And it’s no wonder – these foods are often well-marketed, ubiquitously found and they pander to our love for convenience.
The omni-presence of junk food has caused a shift in the way the human species naturally feed and nourish themselves nutritionally.

Evolutionary-Appropriate Eating

Traditionally, nutritional culture revolved around eating “as a form of self-care that requires a reasonable, balanced approach.” Over time, the required balance changes to adapt to our ever-changing environment; so, we need to change our diet accordingly (what’s referred to as “evolutionary-appropriate eating”).
The human body has existed for hundreds and thousands of years thriving on naturally found food sources. Only recently, it’s become exposed to such an abundance of unnaturally processed foods.

Over the last couple of decades, junk food has become a regular part of our diet. And with that, we’ve seen a correlation with the current health epidemic of increasing disease.
Perhaps what we’re eating is making us sick? In which case, our food habits are not aligned or adapted to thriving in our current environment.

You’re probably thinking: “OK then, what is the best food to eat for good health right now?”

The answer? Eat more evolutionary-appropriate food.  Or, put more simply: focus on consuming more whole food (AKA the stuff our ancestors hunted for and grew).

Better Food Choices 

We are by no means promoting any specific “diet” but, there are some food choices that will serve you better than others, nutritionally.

Here is a list of nutritionally-dense foods to base your food choices on: 

  1. Grass-fed & Grass-finished Beef (meat/organs)
  2. Pastured pork/chicken
  3. Eggs from pastured chicken/poultry
  4. Dairy from grass-fed cows
  5. Root crops (potatoes/sweet potatoes/beetroots/carrots)
  6. Fruits & veggies (avoid mass-production, focus on local!)
  7. Olive oil (avoid using for cooking)
  8. Bee honey
  9. Wild-caught fish
  10. Wild-caught seafood

Use this list as a reference to guide you through your journey. And where possible, opt for locally sourced foods over mass produced foods.
When food products are mass-produced, it is more likely they’ll contain unhelpful additives you don’t want in your body!

Combining the right kinds of foods helps bring balance across your macronutrient profile.

This balance will provide you with a boosted level of energy needed for your daily physical activities, and healthy functioning of all your bodily systems.

We’re big proponents of a balanced lifestyle (no all-or-nothing preaching here) and truly believe everyone can still find room for a few snacks here and there.
The key is to focus on eating nutrient-dense, high-quality food products the majority of the time.

Final Thoughts on Lifestyle Optimization

The key to understanding evolutionary appropriate nutrition is recognizing the importance of consuming foods that are natural, healthy, and nutrient-dense.
You’d be surprised just how much inflammation you’ll reduce, and how much better you’ll feel once you cut mass-produced food products out of your diet.

Be sure to refer to the above list of whole foods to simplify making food choices and you’ll quickly experience a positive impact on your physical and mental well-being. 

Every small step taken towards lifestyle optimization brings you closer and closer to achieving your health & fitness goals, boosting your immunity and living stronger.
Stay healthy and keep moving!
What topics do you want us to cover next? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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