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5 Hacks for Making Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions Stick in 2022 (and Beyond!)

by Reema Hannaford 01 Jan 2022 0 Comments

Ever feel like making new years fitness resolutions is a waste of time because they never seem to stick?

On January 1st it always feels great to login into MyFitnessPal and declare to anyone who will listen that “this year will be the year I get in the best shape of my  life!”

But, how many of us have actually stuck to our fitness goals for more than a week or, even a month?

How many managed to maximize on that New Year’s Day zeal and achieve our lofty fitness goals?

Whether you’ve started a new training regime, a new diet (or, both), now’s the time to think about how to keep the momentum going on the results you’ve driven so far.

Read on for our top tips on how to stay motivated to achieve your health & fitness goals in 2022.

#1 Plan Ahead

Like most things, fitness results can be easier to contend with and achieve when you make a solid plan of action.

Before you rush into frantic HIIT circuits, or mustering up the mental fortitude to make drastic calorie cuts - you need to set a proper goal-oriented plan.

So, how do you do that?

First, think about the end results you want to achieve in the upcoming year and build your health & fitness plan accordingly. Examples of these goals could be to lose excess weight, improve cardio, build strength, have more energy, get better sleep, boost mental health, etc.

Where your plan may get tricky is in the actual optimization of the physical activity you’ll be doing, and catering your nutrition to your individual needs and preferences.

If you are a newbie, your best bet is to hire a professional (i.e. a personal trainer/fitness coach/nutritionist) who can help you draw up a plan that suits YOU and your goals BEST.

#2 Find Quality Food Sources

Hate to be the messenger on this point because a lot of people hate to hear it…but, if you plan on finally realizing your dream physique this year, your nutrition needs to be a top priority.

Knowing which foods will help you get there faster (while minimizing negative effects or sacrifices) is key. That’s where quality choices come in.

There are a lot of conflicting theories out there regarding what constitutes healthy nutrition.

Here's what we believe good nutrition means:

  1. Sufficient essential nutrients (carbs, proteins & fats) from quality sources.
  2. Priority and focus on whole foods (and active avoidance of processed foods).
  3. Hydration (making it a habit to drink enough water every day).
  4. Protein with every meal (ensuring to eat a protein-rich breakfast within one hour of waking up).


#3 Find a Training Buddy

Odds are that you’re not the only one in the group chat who’s set fitness goals this year. That means you have a potential training buddy right at your finger tips!

Share your resolutions with like-minded friends and commit to keeping each other accountable and on-track.

People often balk at the idea of sharing goals, or information with others but, you wouldn’t believe how beneficial it can be to your mindset and keeping that momentum going.

You might also learn a helpful trick, or two based on someone else’s experience so, don’t knock it ‘til you try it.

BONUS: Sharing healthy habits with a friend can create a stronger bond and bring you closer. Win-win!


#4 Monitor & Adjust

Our minds and bodies have an incredible ability to adapt to changes.

So, even if you hire a professional to create tailored a training and nutrition plan for you, keep in mind that it won’t work forever. If you stick to your plan, you WILL inevitably adapt.

That’s why it’s important to track your fitness progress throughout your journey, so you’re able to gauge when adjustments to the plan are needed.

This is also why when you work with a professional, it’s a good idea to take them up on regular check-ins and weekly consultations.


#5 Start A New Activity

Regular exercise and good nutrition are just two fundamentals for a better lifestyle.

And training is so much more than just weights and cardio.

So, make yourself a promise that this year, it won’t just be an obsessive dash to reaching a certain number on the scale.

Think about a new hobby or activity you’ve always wanted to do and make it part of your long-term plan.

Feel the joy of using your mind and body for a variety of new activities!
You won’t believe how much more fulfilled and accomplished you feel. This is so important because when you feel good, your new changes will feel less like a “regime you have to get through,” and more of a natural lifestyle you enjoy.


To Wrap It Up

The time has come to validate your new year's fitness resolutions. Will you be among the few who stick to them? Or, will you give up at the first sign of boredom or temptation?

What are you realistically committed to doing to achieve your health goals this year?

Identify where your challenges lie along with the specific changes you need to make in order to get healthier.

We shared some tips on how to be successful including:

  • Setting an exercise plan that works for your preferences, goals and lifestyle.
  • Focusing on quality sources of food to level up your nutrition and fuel your activity.
  • Including a new hobby or activity to your plan for balance.
  • Tracking your journey.
  • Finding an accountability/training buddy to share the journey with.

Remember to be honest, but more importantly be kind to yourself. There’s absolutely no shame in needing to make fundamental changes – we all have to start at the start!

If you feel overwhelmed, confused or would like help getting started, you have options!

Get in touch with a certified personal trainer and/or nutrition coach in your area (or online) to get yourself sorted and on track for the best year yet!


What are your health & fitness goals this year? Share them in the comments so we can big each other up and keep each other accountable.


Cheers to 2022 being your healthiest year yet!

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