5 Ways to Manage Stress During Hard Times


Despite our unique differences, people all around the world will encounter stress throughout their lives.

During the current pandemic, stress levels have undoubtedly heightened. Whatever the cause of your stress, it’s important to try to overcome it.

Stress is associated with a host of health problems and can have serious negative affects on your life (check out this article to learn more). We believe a strong mind equals a strong body and a better life.

Check out our top tips for beating stress during difficult times below.

1. Get Fit
It can be as simple as a walk in the park or as intense as a Muay Thai session at the gym. The key is to get moving. Physical activity is proven to be very effective at boosting feel-good hormones and reducing stress.
2. Practice Self-Care
The options are limitless. You can take a warm bath, get a massage, meditate, practice yoga, get a pedicure, etc. If your home is loud and busy, try going to a private room for a while and just focus on breathing. The key is to reconnect with yourself and calm your nerves. You deserve a break.
3. Do Something You Enjoy
Make time to do something fun, whether it’s reading a book, taking up a hobby, playing with a pet or chatting with friends. It’ll serve as a good distraction and remind you that there is more to life than whatever is stressing you out. Focus on the beauty and joy the world has to offer.
4. Do a Good Deed
We find that nothing keeps us humble and grateful like giving back. Pack a bag of clothes to donate, cook a meal for someone who is struggling, volunteer for a good cause, or simply contribute to an organization you care about. No good deed is too small. Your charitable actions are meaningful and appreciated.
5. Do not self-medicate
Many people turn to excess alcohol, tobacco or drugs to alleviate their stress, but this does more harm than good. If you are taking measures to control your stress and it’s not working, please seek professional help. There are plenty of safe spaces and helpful (fully confidential) resources available, talk to your doctor if you need help finding one.

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