Shake the COVID-19 Blues Off: 5 Fitness Tips to Get Your Fitness Groove Back


Feeling like you lost your fitness groove? You’re not alone.

This year has been difficult for everyone. Be kind to yourself; it’s never too late to get in shape! Whether you’ve gained a few unwanted pounds, ditched your workout regimen or want to introduce exercise into your routine, we have our best insider tips for finding your inner warrior.


1.  Get in the right mindset

It’s no surprise that training your body starts in your brain. It requires a lot of discipline, focus and determination. Think about your fitness goals, watch your favourite action movie, or talk to supportive friends and family. Find something that motivates you!

Once you have the motivation, resist the urge to go full force at the beginning. If you haven’t been exercising regularly, it’s important to pace yourself to avoid injury. Start by working out for 30 mins twice a week, then increase frequency, duration, and intensity gradually. Listen to your body and don’t overexert yourself.

2.  Get a Nice Fit

Sometimes you’ve got to look good to feel good. Wearing a brand-new workout tee may be the push you need to feel like the ultimate warrior. It’s also important to wear quality garments that are comfortable to work out in.  Warriorgenics has a range of clothing to suit your personality and your workout. Check out our line here.

3.  Check Out Online Classes

Whether you don’t feel comfortable going to the gym during the pandemic or exercise facilities have been closed altogether, don’t let this deter you. There are other options. We’ve heard amazing things about online classes and they’re usually taught by seasoned professionals. This list is super helpful.

BONUS: a lot of classes don’t require any extra equipment!

4.  Prepare your Home

If you are the type of warrior who prefers to exercise with equipment, consider buying some for your home. Having your own equipment can give you a bit more freedom to design your own workout without relying on the gym. If you’re on a budget, there are lots of options to buy used items on Facebook Marketplace or Kijiji. Otherwise, we recommend checking out Amazon or your favourite specialty retailer.

5. Enforce a Schedule

It’s easy to fall off the wagon. Establishing a routine will help combat this. For example, you can commit to exercising right after you finish work everyday. Find a convenient time to exercise regularly and stick to it. Good habits lead to a healthy lifestyle. Soon you’ll crave that daily workout and it’ll become second nature.

Think like a warrior, train like a warrior!

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