4 Fitness Inspired Gifts for Warriors


Gift-giving is not all about chocolate, spa certificates, socks or just another candle or soap-set they’ll never use. If you’re looking for a gift for a fitness enthusiast, their priorities might be different. We’re here to help you find a fitness-inspired gift that will delight them (and make you look amazing for finding it!) Luckily, there’s no shortage of gifts that are appealing and unique.

Below are some ideas you can steal that are guaranteed to make them smile!


High Tech-Yoga Mat

If the giftee in question is into Yoga/ Tai Chi, then this is the kind of mat you’ll want to get them. Nobody wants to keep sliding due to sweat soaking the mat. Fortunately, this high-tech yoga mat will prevent that. High-tech yoga mats have a unique topcoat that wicks away moisture. Therefore, as one becomes hotter, the grip on the matt grows firmer. This mat can also effectively keep away bacteria, germs, and odor, making it a gift they’ll enjoy for longer. With such amazing features, this yoga mat is a perfect gift for the warrior in your life.


Crop Top

Comfortable and flexible training gear makes working out easier and much more fun. That being the case, you can surprise any warrioress with a crop top to make her workout session more stylish and stress-free. Crops are not only trendy, but also very comfortable. This crop hoodie is so versatile – she will absolutely love wearing it in the gym, while doing errands, or doing outdoor activities.


Exercise Sliders & Resistance Bands

For a low-impact and super effective entire body workout, this is total must-have fitness equipment. Suitable for overall exercise, strength training, stretching, and power weight programs – sliders and exercise bands are a great way to keep one’s body in tip-top shape.
BONUS: Their portability allows them to be conveniently carried around.


Track Your WOD Journal

Documenting your fitness journey is one of the best ways of keeping you motivated and focused to achieve your fitness goals. This journey can be documented in this amazing track your workout of the day (WOD) journal. It lets you chronicle your journey so you can fully appreciate how far you’ve come. This journal has enough space to track at least 250 workouts. And, it comes with a handy pen, so you do not have to worry about buying your own.



With no shortage of online shops in sight, there is a wide variety of easily accessible gifts out there for everyone. Go the extra mile and delight the warrior in your life with a gift that suits their lifestyle.
Catering to their interests will help break the monotony of doing the routine gift-giving and make you their new favourite person for getting them something they can actually use!


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